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Infant and child education books

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1. Better children
Francisco Kovacs
The primary objective of education must be to help form adults: free, capable of forging their own criteria, complete, having developed all the possible skills in their case, and having all the necessary tools to make any option they choose viable; responsible, able to make decisions, as well as to fulfill their commitments; enterprising, self-sufficient to contribute to their own progress and that of their fellow men; emotionally stable, capable of perceiving and transmitting affection; in constant evolution; firm ...

2. Happy children
Alice Banderas
In her new book, Alicia Banderas makes use of her experience to help and teach parents and all those involved in the world of education, to undertake the exciting task of helping children to strengthen themselves so that they can fight for their own happiness; all this written in a clear, direct and simple language.

3. How to awaken the baby's intelligence
Susan Golant, Ludington-Hoe
Thanks to the latest discoveries in child psychology, it is known today that the newborn is not a passive being, and that its capacities go far beyond sleeping and eating. From birth, and even before, the baby reveals unsuspected abilities. It is up to mothers and educators to develop and promote them. Child stimulation is presented as a program of very simple and effective techniques for the development of the child's sensory capacities.

4. 600 games for early childhood education
Marian Baqués
Analysis and practice of the elements that constitute reading-writing: perception, phonology, spatial and temporal structuring, rhythmic coordination and specific psychomotor skills, logic, memory, semantic coding and verbal communication. Marian Baqués, began as a teacher in Early Childhood Education and in this book collects her file of the activities and games carried out with the children during these years. A useful tool that will serve to enthuse the child in the art of learning to read and write. And it will help you to become aware of the world that surrounds you, learn the names of objects and place you in reality.

5. How to speak so that your children will listen to you
Elaine mazlish
Stop fighting with your kids! Mothers, fathers, and professional educators have made these authors' book an indisputable success for one reason: Their techniques work. They offer robust, friendly and, above all, effective methods. They are innovative means of solving problems as common as: listening and understanding children's concerns; promote family collaboration ... without overwhelming anyone; respectfully address the feelings of young and old ...

6. Early childhood education
Jesus Palacios
Is early childhood education childish? Jesús Palacios and Gema Paniagua offer us another way to educate the little ones. Faced with the educational style of "everyone doing the same thing at the same time", the proposals in this book are marked not only by respect, but by the active educational treatment of diversity in early childhood education. Diversity of levels of development, family cultures, learning styles, special needs ...

7. Knowing how to educate: a guide for parents and teachers
Bernabé Tierno, Antonio Escaja
This wonderful book by Bernabé Tierno and Antonio Escaja constitutes a true master's degree in education. In it, practical pedagogy orientations and necessary guidelines for the authentic educator, be it a parent or teacher, are pointed out, and the keys are provided to really know what are the deficiencies, feelings, desires and demands of children and adolescents. In short, it is a work for all those who intend to learn to educate and successfully overcome each of the stages of this difficult but beautiful task.

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