Free dental assistance

Free dental assistance

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Four million children between 7 and 15 years of age will benefit from the free oral health plan, proposed by the Spanish Ministry of Health and Consumption, and which will be presented in October to the autonomous communities.

It is expected that beginning in 2008 and before 2012, all children will benefit from the plan. The Minister of Health, Bernat Soria assures that the plan will begin next year for children aged 7 and 8, and that it will be developed progressively, year by year, until all children are covered.

It is estimated that the cost for 2008 of dental care for approximately one million children is about 45 million of the old pesetas.

In addition to training for parents and children in hygiene and prevention, the objective of the Plan also includes the idea that all Spanish children receive dental treatment (examination and revision), at the expense of the public health system. Services the children will have include:

- Annual examination and revision of the permanent dentition.

- Sealing of fissures in healthy permanent parts.

- Fillings.

- Extraction of milk or permanent teeth, when there is no possibility of saving the piece.

- Mouth cleaning.

- Treatment of pulp injuries (nerves), trauma or malformations.

The Plan does not include orthodontic and root canal services. According to the Minister of Health and Consumption, Bernat Soria, i> the objective is that oral health is within everyone's reach so that a child's smile never depends on their social condition.

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