The president of Finland creates a website for children

The president of Finland creates a website for children

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In order for the children to satisfy their curiosity about her tenure in the Finnish presidency, Tarja Halonen creates and posts a web page on the Internet.

Through this page, the president will be able to answer the countless questions and interests of the children about her work. Since she has held the position of president of the Scandinavian country 8 years ago, Halonen has attracted a growing interest in the child population. Among other issues, the children are interested in knowing what it is that she feels being president when most of the leaders of other countries are men.

Besides getting their questions answered, children will also be able to play on the web. They can guess what Halonen's favorite food is, as well as the name of his cats. They can also do a puzzle or play memory with photos of past presidents of Finland. The page is in Finnish and Swedish. It seems to us an innovative initiative that can serve as an example for many other leaders who want to open a door of communication with the children of their country.

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