Would you let your child play naked in kindergarten?

Would you let your child play naked in kindergarten?

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I think that one thing is that in a nursery you have to change the diaper of babies and children, clean them and take care of them, naturally. And that another very different thing is that the little ones are allowed to take off their clothes and start playing as usual, violating the right to privacy of their body and their person.

Well, this situation occurred in a nursery in the German city of Duisburg, and it has caused a scandal among parents. Apparently, about 10 children began to remove their clothes to play as usual, and the teachers decided to allow it, yes, in a separate and always guarded room. Fortunately, the parents found out what was happening and lodged a protest with the child protection office in that city. The office decided to temporarily suspend the principal, and strictly prohibit the teachers from allowing the children to play naked again.

As a result of what happened, many parents no longer trust the nursery, and have not returned to take their children to the center. And it doesn't surprise me. According to them, the decision to allow the children to play naked was incorrect as the principal should consult them first. Of the 120 children who attend this nursery, almost two-thirds no longer attend it. That happens with my daughter and I don't know what I'm doing. It seems abusive and arbitrary to me that such young children, under 3 years of age, are allowed to make such a decision. I find it somewhat suspicious for the simple fact that the naked children played in a separate room. And I wonder: why?Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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