Can kids choke on hot dogs?

Can kids choke on hot dogs?

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That children can choke on olives, popcorn, the small parts of some toys, or even a button or coin that some usually put in their mouth, is understandable, but that little ones choke on hot dogs ready that the American Academy of Pediatrics requests that its format be redesigned, isn't that an exaggeration?

I think children can choke on anything they put in their mouths, whether it's edible or not. It all depends on how careful they are. Hot dogs have always been a delicacy for children, not only because of their flavor, but also because of the format that it has, and that allow them to hold it and eat it with their hands, serve as they like mayonnaise, ketchup or mustard, and especially licking his mouth and sucking his fingers afterwards. In addition, for parents, it is a very economical and practical dish to prepare for dinner, a picnic, or for birthday parties.

I do not intend, in any way with this post, to remove the reasons why the Academy requests the redesign of the hot dog because according to its researchers its elongated shape, as well as its size and texture increase the danger of children choking. The report reveals that more than 10,000 children present to the emergency rooms of American medical clinics, and that 77 die as a result of this problem, with approximately 17 percent of food asphyxiations being linked to hot dogs. According to Gary Smith, director of the Injury Research Center at Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, the format of the hot dog matches that of a child's windpipe, so once the puppy is stuck there, it is almost impossible to remove it. . Also, hot dogs do not carry a warning about the danger they pose to children, like the one brought by toys. For this reason, he believes that the solution lies in a new hot dog design, since parents are educated about preventing the problem, now we just have to wait, if it is the case, to know the new hot dog design . Will the format of the sausages, bread ... be changed? Will they be square, round ...? Wouldn't it be better for us to educate our children about the danger of eating fast and to be more careful when putting something in their mouths, than to give them everything already "chewed up"?Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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