Dads can suffer from postpartum depression too

Dads can suffer from postpartum depression too

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Did the father of your child feel the symptoms of your pregnancy? I have already heard many stories that the father can experience an empathic pregnancy during the mother's gestation period. There are parents whose tummies also grow, who complain of dizziness, who have cravings, and even have swollen legs and gain weight. Well now, the last I knew is that dads can also suffer from postpartum depression after the pregnancy of their partners.

About 10 percent of parents suffer from depressive disorders during their partner's pregnancy or after childbirth, especially between the third and sixth month after birth. This is what a study carried out by researchers at Virginia Medical Scholl, in Norfolk (United States), and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reveals.

To do this, the researchers analyzed different studies previously carried out, which included approximately 28,000 men. They identified that more than 10 percent of the parents had some type of depression during the first year of their baby's life. Of the nearly 3,000 men identified, 25 percent had depression between the third and sixth months, while 8 percent felt depressed in the first three months after the birth of their baby. Both before or after pregnancy, cases of depression among mothers are increasingly common, which is why the number of investigations to prevent and treat this disorder has increased, since it entails negative consequences for both the mother, the partner, and for the baby.

Why do you think a dad can feel depressed about the birth of his baby? I believe that both women and men, while waiting for their baby, go through different emotional stages. The only thing is that since it is the woman who carries the baby in her belly, all the attention is usually focused on her. However, I think many parents feel worried and anxious, even though they don't express it. Parents can also feel uncertain about whether the baby will be born healthy, or whether he will be able to properly face this new responsibility in his life, that is, that of being a father. Will that?

Vilma Medina. Editor of our site.

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