Premature baby 'resurrects' before being buried

Premature baby 'resurrects' before being buried

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After a baby of just six weeks drowned during his baptism, I am again left with the creeps with the news of a premature baby who regains life just before being buried. What I question, really, is to what extent we are aware of our little ones.

In Mexico, a 24-week-old newborn baby, declared dead by a hospital medical team, is "resurrected" shortly before being buried. Relatives of the baby, a girl, heard and noticed noises and movements in her small white coffin shortly before burying her and, when they opened it, they found, to their immense surprise, that the baby was crying. The girl, born prematurely from the womb of an adolescent mother, was immediately transferred to a private hospital and happily her health is good and stable.

Both the doctor and the entire medical team who collaborated at the time of delivery have already been removed from the service, while the police investigate to clarify the possible responsibilities and causes of the event. Hospital sources point out that since the baby did not present pulmonary movement or heartbeat after birth, the doctor issued his death certificate. The medical team applied that it was a risky pregnancy. The mother, a 17-year-old girl, was 24 weeks pregnant, giving birth to a premature baby. All these antecedents, the high mortality statistics and the lack of reaction of the newborn, made doctors assume that the baby was dead.All these antecedents, the high mortality statistics and the lack of heartbeat led to the doctor to sign the death certificate and order his transfer to the mortuary. It is certainly not the first and it will not be the last time that cases like this have occurred, but I believe that in the case of a premature baby, in which his organs are still immature, special services and animation should be offered. I don't know if they did. Anyway, cases like this and like that of the baby who drowned in the baptismal font, apart from being lamented, should be examples for all. The care, attention, surveillance of the baby, especially in its birth and first year of life, should not be overlooked.Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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