More than 3 million visitors to!

More than 3 million visitors to!

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The official audience data have given us great joy these days. A "prize" that motivates us to continue, step by step, leading this space where parents, educators, ... exchange ideas, information and experiences that they live with children, children and / or students.

This magazine, which has already 12 years on the Internet, is the Web of family resources, in the Spanish language, most read in the whole world. We know that all this success is possible thanks to the trust, participation, support and collaboration that our readers place in our work, be it in the comments of the articles, in the forums, or in our profiles on different social networks such as Facebook where , this week we have managed to gather more than 15 thousand fans, people who "like" our magazine.

The audience data push us to continue developing content and renewing the topics that we already have in the different sections such as pregnancy, health, education, behavior, leisure, family, names, trips, forums, videos, photo gallery, blog , etc. Audience is measured by Nielsen and audited by OJD. The 3,004,795 unique visitors we reached in October represent almost a 50 percent growth when compared to data obtained earlier this year. Together, we still have a lot to do. And while we take pride in these achievements, we never lose the perspective that what is most important to us, in, is that we do not disappoint our boys and girls. That is what really gives meaning to our work and effort. Each father or mother who visits us is a grain of sand that we deposit in favor of the development and healthy growth of children. Let us never forget that the family is a tool for transformation within a society. We will continue to bet on it. Thank you very much!Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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