An original way to combat child begging

An original way to combat child begging

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How much we can learn from examples, right? With examples and good will, and also with the initiative of others for the welfare of society. On this occasion, I am referring especially to the idea that the Abrinq Foundation, in Brazil, had of using the automatic vending machines of the metro stations in Sao Paulo, to combat child begging.

Instead of soft drinks, trinkets, chocolates, chips or ice cream, the machines, decorated on the inside as if it were a street full of children asking for financial help, raise money to use it in the fight against the begging of children who live by the streets of the greater Sao Paulo Every time someone makes a contribution ranging from 1 to 5 reais (which approximately corresponds to from 0.45 to 2.30 euros today), they will be contributing to reduce local begging and in return will collect the postcard issued by the machine where, on the back, it is explained what will be done with your collaboration. Throughout the day, the street where the machine is decorated runs out of postcards and, therefore, without beggars. I think you better watch the VIDEO.

The Abrinq Foundation is a Brazilian non-profit organization that aims to be a bridge between those who need help and those who want to help. The resources collected both in this initiative and in others are used to offer children and adolescents access to education, health, culture, leisure, etc., protect them from mistreatment and abuse, and also raise awareness in society of the need to collaborate on issues surrounding the needs of children It seems to me that this project, entitled Vending machine for good (Vending machine for good), be a very practical and comfortable idea to help others. I also believe that it can become a great initiative to be imitated by other places that have the same child problems. If you know of any other similar idea, I would like to know it.Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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