Baby shower refreshments

Baby shower refreshments

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I'm hosting a baby shower. What kind of food should I serve?

That depends on when the party is being held and whether it has a theme. The easiest way to serve food at a shower is to set up a buffet or a bunch of small plates and bowls of appetizers, vegetables and dip, or cookies and sweets around the room in which the shower's being held.

Serving finger foods lets guests nibble and try different things throughout the party and may encourage them to mingle: Put the chips on one side of the room and the cherry tomatoes on another and people will be circulating before you know it. The more complicated and expensive option of a sit-down meal can be very nice if you've got the time and money.

What you serve can range from celery sticks and mini-quiches to dishes of M&Ms and chocolate truffles. Snacks and vegetables often work best in the afternoon; desserts are great for evening parties.

What about drinks?

Serve one of our fun and fabulous (and delicious) virgin drinks in solidarity with the guest of honor, or offer a variety of simpler non-alcoholic beverages – water, juice, punch, iced tea, lemonade, or even milk (served in baby bottles with enlarged holes, perhaps?).

Of course, it's also fine to put alcoholic drinks on your menu – anything from margaritas to white wine – if the mom-to-be doesn't mind and if alcohol makes sense considering the time and / or theme of the party. Just make sure to have something non-alcoholic on hand for your guest of honor.

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