Changing diapers on the go: Aquaphor® Baby

Changing diapers on the go: Aquaphor® Baby

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Changing diapers while out and about can be chaotic. Here's what to have on hand to make it as stress-free as possible.

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Chantae: The weirdest places that I've had to change diapers before were the trunk of my car.

Evi: This restaurant-vineyard.

Jenna: Halftime at the game.

Evi: In the airplane.

Ari: Just laid it out right there on the beach.

How to be prepared for changing diapers on the go
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Tip #1: Fill up your diaper bag

Jenna: So we have a diaper bag and it's huge.

Chantae: The diaper bag is critical.

Evi: You never know what's going to happen, right? We have lots of bibs in there. We have onesies in there. We have the Aquaphor® Baby healing ointment in there. So we try to be as prepared as possible.

Tip #2: Always have multipurpose ointment on hand

Soothes and protects dry, irritated skin
Helps prevent diaper rash

Ari: One of the things that we always like keeping in our bag is a tub of Aquaphor® for her dry skin.

Jenna: In my diaper bag we usually have a bottle or a tub of Aquaphor®. I use it myself as well as for my diaper changes, or I'll use it if there's a little irritation on another body part for her, and then I could use it on my lips because I love to do that as well.

Tip #3: Pack a surprise

Ari: While changing diapers, she needs the distraction. She needs something crinkly, something to play with so she doesn't just start kicking around.

Chantae: Toys, teethers.

Ari: The more distracted she is, the less fussy she gets during diaper changes.

Tip #4: Be ready for an outfit change

Evi: So there’s always several outfits in his bag. We have socks in case something happens and it gets on his socks.

Chantae: Maybe one set, two sets, three sets just in case, because she is explosive and anything could happen anywhere. And it has happened anywhere in the past.

Tip #5: Don't forget to laugh

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