Pregnancy video: 37 weeks

Pregnancy video: 37 weeks

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37 weeks pregnant: Fast facts

Your baby weighs 6 1/3 lbs and measures a bit longer than 19 inches – about the length of a bunch of Swiss chard.

Your due date is close, but your baby isn't full term until 39 weeks. Doctors won't schedule an induction or c-section before then without a medical reason.

With first-time moms, labor takes an average of 15 hours but often lasts more than 20. For women who've gone through labor before, it can go much faster.

Tip: To make breastfeeding easier from the start, bring your nursing pillow to the hospital or birth center.

84% of our site moms-to-be say they'll use disposable diapers, not cloth.

our site mom wisdom: "Don't stress about tough times with your partner. A baby tests any couple's relationship."

Video production by SALT Project.

Watch the video: Pregnancy: Making it to 39 Weeks (June 2022).


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