Are sensitive or bleeding gums normal during pregnancy?

Are sensitive or bleeding gums normal during pregnancy?

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Your gums may be sensitive and sometimes bleed during pregnancy. This is normal and happens to about half of all pregnant women. This could be due to hormonal changes and blood flow, but it could also be pregnancy gingivitis. So good dental hygiene is important, and I recommend that you brush your teeth regularly and see your dentist during pregnancy.

A small percentage of women can develop benign, noncancerous nodules on their gums during pregnancy. It will usually resolve after you've had your baby. However, please make sure to visit your doctor or dentist if your gums bleed frequently and are painful, if you have pain that interferes with chewing or brushing your teeth, or if you have growths in your mouth.

Sensitive gums are a common complaint during pregnancy, but be reassured that the sensitivity should resolve on its own.

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