Breanna's birth story: Switching from natural birth to an epidural (ep. 48)

Breanna's birth story: Switching from natural birth to an epidural (ep. 48)

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One mom shares what happened when she gave birth and what she might have done differently.

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Breanna: Pain medications, all that stuff I avoided, aspirin, everything except for the prescription prenatals my entire pregnancy, and it seemed like a waste to get to the very end of it and then pack my body with pain medication. After getting sick and whole lot of screaming and totally inconsolable, [I] started to actually go into like a panic attack, and at that point I realized that the birth plan of the all natural birth with no pain medications and no interventions and all this stuff probably was not going to happen.

It really kind of felt like somebody was jabbing me in the back, and I would double over, but that wasn't comfortable, so I tried to stand up, and that wasn't comfortable, and it was really just this intense pain that no matter what I did, did not get any better.

So they went ahead and got the anesthesiologist and went with the epidural and I felt absolutely nothing from that point on.

Doctors started getting worried because the heart rate was fluctuating and all of that, and suggested that we go ahead and go into the OR, and prepared us for the fact that we would most likely be having a c-section. And I was extremely thankful to have my husband there because he was able to take over the part of talking to the doctor and arranging it and expressing how much I really did not want to have a c-section.

They were able to get me through it and have the baby vaginally. It was a vacuum-assisted birth, which wasn't obviously what I had went in preparing to do, but everyone was happy and healthy at the end.

It was a very special thing to have those first few moments of all being together and relief more than anything—relief is the best descriptive word for what it feels like once that baby comes out and is given to you and is just perfect, and here.

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