Comparing my child to others

Comparing my child to others

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You try not to compare your child’s development to other children’s, but it’s kind of hard not to because you’re so concerned about them every step of the way.


I definitely am always kind of looking. What’s she doing? What’s he doing? And he was actually a month early, so at the beginning comparing their development was hard because he was a little bit—had to catch up.


I do not compare my five-month’s-old development to other babies just because I’m the mommy that thinks my daughters are the smartest. You can’t tell me anything. I’m like, “Yeah. They’re the smartest. Yeah.”


The whole reason that I have taken myself off of Facebook is because I think it’s a much healthier choice not to compare myself and my children to others.


Some babies do things earlier than others and it’s just how things are. Sometimes he’s ahead of other babies and sometimes he’s behind.


I know with boys—or at least I hear all the time that boys develop faster physically than girls and girls are smarter, I guess. They develop faster mentally and emotionally. So, I try to keep things like that in mind. But other than that I don’t do the side-by-side whenever I see another little boy his age. Like, “Oh, well he’s walking and you’re not.” I just kind of let him do his own thing.

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