I just had a baby. How can I get back to feeling great?

I just had a baby. How can I get back to feeling great?

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our site trends and lifestyle contributor Laurie Gelman: My three best

postpartum beauty or style tips to get moms back to feeling great after they've had a baby.

First of all, don't fall into that trap where you wear nothing but pajamas around the house all day because you just don't feel like getting dressed or you're too tired.

This is unacceptable. Make yourself get into the shower, wash your hair, dry your hair if you have time, actually give it a style. Slap some moisturizer on your face, maybe some tinted moisturizer, make you look like you have a little color. Put some mascara on. Add some lip gloss. All this is going to help you.

Actually get dressed in clothes, even if you have to throw on your maternity jeans or some old clothes before you get back into your regular clothes. Do that, because the sweat pants, the pajamas, it's just the "I give up" outfit, and you don't really want to send that message out to yourself.

The second thing you need to do is actually get out of the house. Get some fresh air.

I know it's hard, I know you're tired, but even one lap around the block with the baby in a carriage or in a baby Bjorn or even leave the baby at home and just

take that walk by yourself. That will get your blood flowing, it will get your energy going, it will get your mind moving. All that is part of making yourself feel less like a sack of potatoes.

And thirdly, and this is the most important one, do not, do not ever, do not EVER,

try your regular jeans on until your child is at least 6 months old. Give yourself that time to get yourself back into some sort of shape. And give yourself a break on that too because you've just had a baby, you've just done the toughest thing a woman can do.

So in six months if you want to try those jeans on, you may find that you've had quite a bit of success with getting yourself back together. But I have to say there are no shortcuts to getting your body back after you've have a baby. It's diet and it's exercise and there's no quick way to do it.

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